The Various Types of Electrical Test Equipment

The electrical test equipments have been an essential part of our daily life for many years now. These equipments help in performing every electrical task in a much easier way. Thus, there is very little time that is required to devote in order to perform any of these tasks.These equipments are available in many different forms. The types of it are so many that one can write an entire book on it. For you to be able to use these equipments, you do not need to be a professional electrician or someone who knows a lot about electricity.

Among the many types of tools available, there are some which are used more commonly and they all serve a distinct purpose.


This equipment is used to measure the difference in voltage between two different points. Though there are analogue voltmeters still available in the market, the digital voltmeters are still more popular as it provides more functionality and is also very inexpensive.

These voltmeters come with separate lids which are connected to two different points of the circuit in order for it to be tested. A voltmeter which is of a good quality can measure voltages both from the very minimum millivolts to a very high range that goes up to hundreds of volts. It also helps in displaying the current polarity. The voltmeter takes the reading and shows the current’s positive and negative value while it also shows which direction the flow of the current is.


This equipment is very similar to the voltmeter, but it does not measure in voltage but as amperage. There are two leads in ammeter which are connected to different points in a circuit. These ammeters measure amperage which ranges from up to milliamp level and can go up to 10amps.

Continuity Tester

This electrical equipment is used to conduct simple tests of conductivity between two different points. And in case there is existence of continuity, then it will make a buzzing or beeping sound.


This device is used for metering and combines two different devices which are voltmeter and ammeter. This device is highly inexpensive and is available in digital form. It is also useful in measuring two other things which are resistance and continuity. This device is used to measure and check the batteries, diodes and transistors as well.

Apart from the few regularly and most commonly used device which are mentioned above, there also many high-end electrical equipments which are made for use specifically for the professionals.